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At Concept Resourcing, our contractors are our livelihood. Having supplied only the very best contractors for nearly 2 decades, we know a thing or two about the contractor lifestyle and how we can add value.

Whether you’re a project EPoS Engineer or a contract IT Analyst, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what you’re entitled to when you contract with Concept.


Benefits of Contracting Through Concept

When you contract through Concept Resourcing, you’re eligible for a whole host of benefits to make all your hard work a little easier. Throughout your contract you'll be granted access to a unique benefits portal that provides you with excellent discounts and 'perks' to help save you money on everyday purchases.

Once you’re registered with us as a contractor we’ll work to keep you employed for as long as possible. That means that at the end of every contract we secure you we’ll do all we can to either obtain you an extension with the same employer or find you another contract as soon as possible. Some of our engineers have been working consistently through us for over 5 years.

We manage your work expenses and timesheets through industry leading timesheet software which helps to get you paid regularly and efficiently each week. This offers a completely cloud based solution so you can sign into your portal and log your work from any device whilst out and about.

We provide you with the flexibility to choose your own payment method. Be that due to personal preference or because you are deemed outside or inside IR35, we can support you when working either via your own limited company or through an umbrella company. We’re partnered with the best umbrella providers in the industry to ensure that whatever method you choose, your invoicing and payment will be processed as efficiently as possible.


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